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Xiang Dada


Spare ribs

Een heerlijk spare ribs in Den Haag. Met eigengemaakte marinade, de beste steaks, vegetarische gerechten en sprciale gerecht met rijst in klei pot heeft gemaakt. Warme en gezellige sfeer, vriendelijke bediening en snelle service.

Komen en Proeven!!!

Bao Zai Rijst

A good example of a Chinese delicacy, which is spread all over the world and popular among the Chinese people, is The Steamed Rice in Clay Pots from Guangdong province in China. It is well known among locals and every street in town has a shop which sells this rice in traditional clay pots. Xiangdada, steamed rice in clay pots is original from Guangdong and has a golden crispy crust and a long-lasting flavor. Xiangdada, steamed rice in clay pots is soft and has a slight bite. The unique texture and fragrant rice gives you endless aftertastes. It is made of a naturally derived product.